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Masie, CES and 6Ds

When Eliot Masie’s report #2 from CES, “Where Has All The Learning Gone?” came in this week it focused on a long-standing issue for L&D, branding. Honestly, until about 6 months before I was hired by The Forum Corporation in the nineties I didn’t know L&D was a profession. This is after growing up in […]

10X Learning & Development

In his book “Exponential Organizations; Why new organizations are ten times better, faster and cheaper than yours (and what to do about it),” Salim Ismail defines exponential organizations as “…one whose impact or output is disproportionately large–at least least 10x larger–compared to its peers because of the use of new organizational techniques that leverage accelerating […]

The Talent Blockchain

I read a recent Inc. Magazine article on Knowledge.io a company using blockchain technology to create a individual’s knowledge score.  This knowledge score will be a verifiable way for individuals to communicate their experience and expertise.  The article talks about the application of this blockchain application for the disruption of employee training.  The company is […]

WTF Is Reid Hoffman Doing?

In a world of lifelong learners and a gig economy isn’t it time for a person-centric learning management system? As a lot of us continue to re-examine our relationships with our employers, it seems like a natural extension. As I watch Facebook eat the internet, I am struck about the lack of similar moves by LinkedIn. While […]

My Purpose

  Artist J. Howard Miller – buy here Focus: Upskilling The World’s Workforce. Mission: Building World-Class Learning Engines We have a problem. Our current workforce is in desperate need of upskilling and the old ways aren’t working. A fundamental shift in the way we think about workforce development is needed.   We have unused capacity. […]

High Leverage Skills

This post originally appeared on the Learning Hacks blog We are always looking for disproportionate returns. Think about the world of investments where the holy grail is to find the magical place where returns are greater than risk. What about how we think about skill development when it’s done in the pursuit of improved performance? […]

The Performance Learning Stack

This post originally appeared on the Learning Hacks blog I find frameworks helpful. Particularly when looking at complex systems they can help to identify interdependencies and “chunking” information has been shown to help the brain handle more. I love analogies because they force us to think differently about things and grasp new ideas faster. As […]

A Decent Proposal

This post originally appeared on the Learning Hacks blog Image via Wikipedia   “Customers don’t care about your product.  They care about their problem.” – every successful entrepreneur I have met My proposed framework, an adaptation of Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas, is anchored by the value proposition.  It is also where I see the […]

I Have Been Framed

This post originally appeared on the Learning Hacks blog As I stated in my previous post, I feel the Business Model Canvas developed by Alexander Osterwalder is good place for today’s training organizations to start as they rethink their role and structure. Before I propose the hack let’s get a quick grounding in the tool […]

Evolution of a Framework

This post originally appeared on the Learning Hacks blog “Traditional training departments will shrink.”   This statement wandered across twitter last week as a result of Jane Hart’s, founder of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologie, tweet regarding the resolution as part of the EPIC debate series.  Anyone who knows me (or has read […]