WTF Is Reid Hoffman Doing?

In a world of lifelong learners and a gig economy isn’t it time for a person-centric learning management system? As a lot of us continue to re-examine our relationships with our employers, it seems like a natural extension. As I watch Facebook eat the internet, I am struck about the lack of similar moves by LinkedIn. While I am still trying to wrap my brain about a reversion to the AOL portal days, the lack of movement by LinkedIn surprises me. They are perfectly positioned to be the professional hub and have not moved on it.

When Microsoft bought LinkedIn It was clear that the intentions were to use LinkedIn as a tool for improving the value of Microsoft existing platforms (fail) and with Apple’s enterprise strategy coming into view it will be interesting to watch. For the younger ones in the crowd remember that Microsoft has had issues with bundling before. Then I thought the acquisition of Lynda was a hopeful sign of things to come. Finally we would have a place where people could have their personal learning management system (LMS) to store all their own learning history in one place. No longer siloed by company, the fact that I took a sales course in one place would be visible to other employers. But instead, no. I can share my blog posts or my slides from a presentation but not my learning history.

It is just my opinion, and I have made bad bets before. I went on record years ago stating that Salesforce could rule the LMS industry. I remain a Benioff fan but I think that opportunity is long gone. You can see the rationale for my old bet on Salesforce here. Companies spend millions on employee portals and their LMS and yet YouTube remains the top training tool. The opportunity is there.

In a world of lifelong learners and one where Reid Hoffman is on your board (and Facebook’s) why hasn’t LinkedIn stepped up?


This post originally appeared on LinkedIn